Environmental Initiatives


  • Linen and towels will only be changed every 3rd day unless you request alternative arrangements. If linen appears soiled it will always be changed :-)
  • We wash with environmentally friendly detergent or laundry balls
  • We line dry whenever possible
  • We buy local organic and spray free produce in bulk as a priority
  • The eggs we serve you will only ever be organic in origin
  • We grow our own fruits, vegetables and herbs as much as possible
  • Our vehicle is a low emission diesel and we try to combine appointments so we aren’t driving needlessly
  • Our appliances have good energy star ratings.
  • Outdoor lighting are all sensor activated on timers
  • We have chosen an energy efficient state of the art septic system from the UK


  • We buy in bulk where possible thus reducing packaging and trips to town
  • We recycle paper, plastic, glass and metal and encourage you to do the same during your stay
  • We compost our food scraps into our worm farm and compost bins
  • We shop with cloth bags and re-use any plastic bags we do get
  • The septic waste is discharged to the paddock, fertilising the soil


  • Our washing machine is a front loader which uses very little water
  • Our dishwasher has a high rating for water saving and is only run when full
  • Dual flush toilets
  • We encourage you to join us in choosing to turn off the taps and taking shorter showers


For the sake of ourselves, you, and our environment we choose to use organic, non toxic and biodegradable cleaners for the toilets, and Enjo cleaning clothes for all other areas.

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