Your Hosts



Lis' background is a mix of Cardiac Nursing, Social Work and previously operating Cats' Pjamas Organic B&B for eight years.  She is now "retired" which has freed her up to continue pursuing her hobbies of growing food organically, and volunteering in the community with everything from the Animal Welfare Society, to Age Concern and the Community Workers.

Chris has worked in developing countries as a civil engineer for his entire career, and continues to travel more than six months of the year.  He is currently Lead Transport Specialist for the World Bank, helping manage development projects in the South Pacific Islands. He is also the Bank's 'Advisor' for improving environmental and social outcomes on projects anywhere in the world. Chris' passionate hobby is long distance unsupported bike racing anywhere and everywhere.  You can read his blogs on 

And perhaps most importantly, we are owned and managed by Max and Coco - two adorable (!) Birman fur balls. They are not permitted into the cottage, but you are welcome to play with them outside.